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2007-02-18 Bill Gates Daily Show taken away from Youtube
2007-02-18 The adventures of Ahong in KL
2007-02-18 Could this be the Satria Neo winner can?
2007-02-18 Slimmer Redesign of the PS3 Finally .... that horrible flask
2007-02-18 How ironic ..
2007-02-04 Microsoft Windows Vista Malaysia Prices
2007-02-04 Geeks in da house at Vista Launch Lowyat
2007-02-04 BBM3 at Wizards Cafe
2007-02-02 Tweener from Prison Break, is really going to prison ...
2007-02-01 Another lesson on Tech-History
2007-02-01 Reshmonu Free Concert
2007-02-01 Purchase Windows XP and Free Vista Upgrade
2007-02-01 Big Bloggers Meet Up !
2007-01-30 Things you need to know about HDDVD and BLURAY nowadays.
2007-01-28 My Treo is now an iPhone
2007-01-28 Windows Vista Official Malaysia launch on Feb 3rd
2007-01-28 Has the Internet 100% healed?
2007-01-28 gets a facelift
2007-01-28 My site referals
2007-01-28 XBOX360? Wii? PS3? in Malaysia
2007-01-27 Please add my new YM: arsyanx
2007-01-25 Are you hooked on text messages? Whats your figure?
2007-01-23 Hygroscopic Pyrotechnic Flares
2007-01-15 Windows Mobile Apple iPhone Version
2007-01-14 Hah ! Now i know why i Oqo 01 seems more yummy !
2007-01-13 Saya polis ! Saya bawak bom !
2007-01-12 When will that day be?
2007-01-10 Apple iPhone Pictures
2007-01-09 OQO 02 Annouced Finally
2006-12-13 How pathetic Windows Mobile IS and the people who uses them
2006-11-28 Play the Cursor Thief
2006-11-27 Mama nak beli captain power bley?
2006-11-25 And i was just thinking of swithing to Office 2007
2006-11-16 New Revision of my Bachelors Crib
2006-11-16 This guy is such a fucking idiot !
2006-11-12 Is this really the top 10 anime list?
2006-11-10 Cicakman
2006-11-07 He signed my paperboat in my highschool ! WTF?
2006-11-05 Now this is Fucking Hilarious !
2006-10-30 Fake Lift Floor - Wah this is Brilliant !
2006-10-30 Treo 750v - Malaysia's Celcom says to sign pact with Vodafone
2006-10-23 Internet Explorer 7 - I finally experience it
2006-10-16 Friendster's Downfall - Kawanster?
2006-10-13 Treo 680 - They've Finally Annouced it !
2006-09-29 Apple Mecca is being built. Controversial to muslims?
2006-09-10 Quoting Jeg's Blog - Nobody's Perfect
2006-09-05 I was wondering why a lot of msn nick had (TU)
2006-09-04 Dont have sex in the dark
2006-08-26 This is some scary shit !
2006-08-26 My new partner, Oakley RAZRWIRE