Treo 700w. Dear Palm, Its a disgrace !!!

2006-01-07 17:02:25
The Treo 700w is an excellent Windows Mobile device, likely the best that has ever been produced. Windows Mobile users will love it, IT departments who only use Windows will love it, but Palm users may want to stick to their current Treo 650. For Treo 650 owners, it is hard to justify the cost (twice as much with contracts), and Palm users above all others will be aware and frustrated with usability problems in Windows Mobile.

The Treo 700w was created to specifically address a demand in the marketplace for a Windows Treo, and Palm did an excellent job on their first try. It only takes a trip down memory lane to remember that the Palm OS Treo was not perfect at launch either.

Read carefully what i've bold. That is sooooooooooooooooooooo TRUE ! Period .