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Just some of my rants from time to time
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2021-03-22 Lock Screen is not a Lock Screen
2021-02-08 Tesla filed to SEC - Bought 1.5b worth of BTC
2021-02-07 Finally my table is ready
2021-02-06 Bitcoin Broke 40k for the 2nd time!
2021-02-06 Wallstreet Bets - Jerung vs Ikan Bilis
2012-05-11 Amanz Coverage of KED.AI
2011-09-18 iPhone 5 - Leaked Photos
2011-06-15 Malaysian Government Under Cyber Threat
2011-05-16 Friendster Exporter is Kinda Cool
2010-12-18 TM Secret Gathering of Extraordinary Gentlemen
2010-11-01 Things to read after watching The Social Network
2010-10-26 Protect Yourself from Firesheep (Kambing Berapi)
2010-10-25 Facebook Session Hijack Using Firesheep. SCARY!
2010-10-21 How to setup FaceTime for Mac and call yourself
2010-10-20 Pad Racer - Awesome iPad & iPhone Controller Game
2010-10-10 Limera1n Not Working - Tips to get it working
2010-10-04 Maxis Billing System Bug
2010-07-11 Url shorterner should differentiate L & i
2010-06-30 iPhone 4 is not alone on reception issues.
2010-06-20 HSBB Unifi users! Sharing is caring!
2010-06-19 My iPhone4 is on the way!
2010-06-19 Install Windows 7 with USB Thumb Drive
2010-06-18 Paypal Malaysia wont allow Add Funds
2010-06-18 No need for WiiMote, Kinect is more flexible.
2010-06-18 Can I just import old posts and insert to wp_posts table?
2007-09-11 Linux people are indeed arrogant (my real life experiences)
2007-09-11 iPhoneSIMFree Torrents?
2007-08-20 Something very disturbing ...
2007-08-17 Missing Suet Li when Suet Li is missing :`(
2007-08-06 My new haircut
2007-07-26 Cam whoring with Macbook
2007-07-25 My police report for the accident
2007-07-24 Advertlets removed me from beside Cherrie :(
2007-07-23 Shizuka in a 8-Car-Pile-Up Crash Accident
2007-07-16 2 Advertlets Lead Developers Converge to Nuffnang
2007-05-15 Nuffnang i want more ads!
2007-04-01 Internet through your toilet bowl - DAMN !
2007-03-31 Oh my dear sober friend...
2007-03-31 I got dugged ! Digg got Dugged ! Digg Dugg !
2007-03-31 Kejatuhan of the All-Mighty Palm Inc.
2007-03-26 What a crappy coverup ... !
2007-03-21 003 Damn Cun la Pop. Respect !
2007-03-21 March 2007 : The Story So Far
2007-03-02 Programmers or Coders Personality Test Only
2007-02-28 OpenID - The next big thing. Start adapting NOW!
2007-02-22 XBOX360, Wii, PS3 Power Consumption
2007-02-21 Maxis Broadband Performance - Me Very Satisfied
2007-02-20 HAHAHAHHAHAHA !!!
2007-02-19 Haha everyone hates this when they start using Vista
2007-02-18 Bill Gates Daily Show taken away from Youtube