I got dugged ! Digg got Dugged ! Digg Dugg !

2007-03-31 15:19:01
Hahahha .. i wouldn't have thought that i would been dugg. Well gladly i didnt have any major downtime. I survived the digg effect. Unbelieavable.

It was on this nice sunny morning when i was about to enter the office when Josh told me that i was dugg. Fuck ! i panicked ! Will i get downtime ? Will the ROTW try to hack me ? I immidiately opened my site and there it was. 300-400 users online.

At times there were Internal Server Errors due to the massive HTTP request. Few second later it was back up. Running as it would. Pheewww .... though downtime wasnt an issue. Mass Spam and Loophole bugs is that im worried about.

As expected. SPAM Surfaced.

Hahhaha within minutes massive diggs and spam on the site. Well this isnt unexpected. Bashing comments, hate messages, massive spam, script hacks, etc. and suprisingly some appraisal as well ;) heres the link to the original digg article that got dugged.

Digg Clone in Malaysia
Look at that. Digg has opened its doors in Malaysia, Kevin Rose must have Malaysian heritage.

Hahahhaha .. Kevin has always been someone who i look up too. Though i find him and i think alike. Like somehow i can know what he's thinking. Its funny but i find that we had a lot of similarities in our backgrounds as well. As the games we played, the computer we experience with, how our yahoo account unretrieveable and kept by yahoo inc. forever. and a lot more. When everytime i listen to his podcast and what not, i noticed our similarity in opinions. Kevin is someone who i would want to follow it's footsteps.

It was an experience surviving the digg effect. Though its funny after 1 Year of the site running and several postings on digg about it. It finally got dugg Monday March 26th. Traffic was tripled for that day and the next following day. However adsense revenue didn't have an effect. Funny ... Read the comments on the official site. Some are damn funny ... quote :

"i tried to use my username and password but apperently they didnt copy the user info"

Haha damn funny ... !! But some people are stupid enuff to comment that i stole their code? Its not even logical. How could i have gotten my hands on their sourcecode. Anyway everything was programmed by myself from scratch. So .. It was a fun project. Yeah .. Digg Dugged ! ^_^v