TM (telekom malaysia) has some stupid ads

2006-01-15 15:28:22
Well the first thing which was so freaking stupid was the ALT+F4 ads. Yeah we know ALT+F4 is the shortcut to close a window but what does it has to do with blocking porn sites? Does a 50 year old nenek whos computer illiterate wants to block porn by pressing ALT+F4, i doubt she doesnt even know what it does, just as long as you're using Streamyx and press it you're free from porns sites (yeah rite). And what if you are donwloading something which is already 95% of a 1GB file download and you saw the ads in the tv and decided to try to press ALT+F4? What significance the ALT+F4 i have no idea... it maybe the stupidest computer ads ever. Should be posted in Ebaumsworld.

2nd of all the new TM ads where the kids went to the neighbour's house to surf the net and came home late just because they dont have Streamyx at home. Untill they made their father's a birthday card or something then the father decides to get Streamyx for themselves. What pops up the 1st thing in my mind is.. oh man .. they kids are plagiarizing all the intelectuall property copyrights picture on the internet and making it their own .. ahhahahhahahah ... !

Anyway .. TM, we know that you're No.1 broadband provider in this country and we are all dependant on you, so whatever u do we must bow and on our kness to you. But just wait till you get competitors in the broadband services. Just wait till broadband can be trasmitted thru powerlines & sockets, and by that time u should be more serious in competing and give us a much better service.

Oh and did i mention our great Wahab secretly was in the ads ?