Shizuka in a 8-Car-Pile-Up Crash Accident

2007-07-23 19:21:22
I was involve in an accident yesterday night just after i got back from Phuket. Havent even reach home yet. Here am i right now in the prion cell of PKW Motors who illigitimately runs their business based on forcing their customer to sign a piece of paper who they dont even let them read whilst confiscating their customers car keys and drove their cars away to their tow truck and ran away with it.

Locked, guarded by a fucking low-life indian who hadnt had bath for like days pushing me out of the door wont let me go near my Shizuka. Wtf? Thats my car who gave you the right for me not to be with her? Well apparently theres a lot of this suckers out here who will just wait near the highway like a burung gagak for accident to happend in highway (they prolly poured oil on the road). Well bad luck for me. They took my car to the police station and then took pictures take reports and drove Shizuka again right in PKW prison here in Batu Caves.

So i was left stranded after coming back from Phuket ouside PKW Batu Caves where my Shizu can be seen accross the other side of the gate. But im helpless to do anything other than whacking and beating the hell out of the low-life fucking guard to death and run away with my car. Social engineering might work, but it was raining and i didnt had the energy to mastermind a social engineering scenario.

Thanks to my good friend TCM willingly to pick me up stranded (me no money not a single cent) and borrowing me RM50 for survival for the next few days. My HSBC bank card cant be used and i have no way to take out money from the bank untill they find the reason of whats the problem behind my card problem. Friends who has HSBC UK who are willing to help me sort out my cash problem please let me know...

Word of advise, if u ever cought in a 8-car-pile-up-accident, forget about those buggers who supposedly wanted to help you settle your car. Just wait for the police to come, call your tow truck service, tow your car to the police station, report, take picture, and tow ur car back home. Till everything settles. These ah-beng workshop vultures can go to hell and sleep with the fishes.

FUCK U !!!!