Suzie's Wiper Stolen

2006-03-20 10:23:31
It was there yesterday when i went to the gym. I even remembered when i tried to clean the windscreen before i parked and turned on the wiper. After i left i went out to the car a few times. Well at least for another 2 times to find my work bag. It was still there. So the range of time they stole was during 2am - 8am. Suzie was parked at an obscure location yesterday because i wanted to elak from the taik taik pokok so i parked at a place where there was no tree. Apparently it was located at the end of the back alley where people can see the car from the back alley. Im guessing it must have been some addict who stole the windscreen wiper and sell it for some scrap metal for cash. Or prolly to some auto shop to re-sell it. DAMN ! It was an original Suzuki Wiper.

I realized that it was missing when i parked this morning before going in the office. A fren told me to angkat the wiper so that the getah wont burn. Looks like when i tried to angkat it i realized it was missing :

Look at that. So bogel .. hahahaha.. takpelah redha aje la kan nak buat ape. Whatever goes around comes around. Aku baru nak beli automatic carbine machine gun semalam ngan hisham kat pasar malam. Now i have a reason to buy that gun ... i guess i should hunt down this idiots one day. (Cheyy cam brani aje) hahahahha..