GPS DIY and In Car Entertaintment for Suzie

2006-02-22 13:50:27
So now i had my GPS unit, Laptop for the car to run the software, Finally i get to install Windows XP on it but its on the d:\Windows instead of c:\. So i kinda hate it. still dont know how i can install it to c:\ the only way i can think of is reinstalling it again on C:\ but im afraid it might override my Master Boot Record or Boot Sector so it became unbootable and then im fucked .. hahahhaha .. Anyway after intsalling XP on the laptop now its dual booting with ME, i get to connect with my GPS and have it navigate around. The problem is that GPS Signal is always lost, its like 50% of the time i dont get signal. I finnaly figured out whats wrong with the signal. Its my bloody V-Kool, when i mount the thing outside of my car, infront of the windshield, i get full signal 8 sattlites tracking .. wow ... so its the v-bloody-kool that has been bothering my signal all this time. So now i have bought the 4 way cigaratte socket splitter and i can have power for my vaio and my gps unit. I tidy up the wirings in thte car placing all the wires under the front seat so its not seen. Everything now is cool, GPS 24/7 in the car. Also i have install Winamp with mp3 on it and movies to be played. So now i can have MP3 in the car, Movies in the Car, the possiblities are endless .. hehehehe the only problem im having right now is to connect the sound from the laptop to the car streo speakers.

Im using a FM Modulator now to connect them together but the FM modulator is using a freakin AAA battery so i have to replace them everytime. I asked around weather they can make a DIY line in for my suzie. No one knows how .. went to a few places already no body knows (who i reallyy amm ~~~) how to. Urghhh looks like i still have to stick with the FM Modulator. If only i could find a way to clear up the noise .. So now traffic jam is not a problem for me anymore, i can watch movies and have fun with GPS while in the jam. The Cruesoe 600Mhz can only do 1 task at a time so i couldnt play movies and use gps at the same time. I cant even have Movie played if a USB device is being used coz it takes some memory. Crazy but true.. the pc is running at minimal specification to compete up to nowadays stanrads. Im proud of my Picturebook VAIO. ^_^