Fuck the bank with their shit la wei ...

2006-01-05 15:20:18
Well another bad news from the bank. Although ive provided with all the documents needed plus some extra supporting documents from my own company business, and im pretty sure i make more income than an average joe, but still ... Application DENIED. I mean is it so fucking hard to beleive a young 22 year old can afford a car? Yeah i understand the bank has its procedure for young people but i followed every single procedure there is. Ive applied 2 times, corrected my mistakes from my first application, provided them with details for my guarantor, my payslip, letter of appointment, letter of whatever shit they need. Are they just against young people buying cars ? Why ? Do you think im pathetic and i dont deserve a nice car after all the hard work and effort i've done to get to where i am right now? Am i that non-contributor to the society? Am i not loyal to Malaysia?

Yes i understand i envy the US technological development, but do i want to work for them ? NO !!! I want to contribute to Malaysia. I want to change Malaysia in it's technological advancement. I want Malaysia to be as modern as any other countries. But what do i get from this loyalty to Malaysia? Fucking nothing and instead the bank and other bank rejected my credit card application, my car loan application and whatever else is stored for me in the future. (what does this has to do with the bank anyway hahahahahahha im blabling its just something i would like to get out of my chest, im fucking tension at the office right now)

What im really trying to say to society is give me a chance to proove myself. And i also want to say FUCK U LAH AMBANK ! (Their officers are rude on the telephone as well, lighten up la guys)