Searching for Laptop

2006-02-22 13:47:05
SO since i got the gps it was a hassle for me to turn on the laptop everytime i want to use the map plus the laptop couldnt fit my dash board. So i went around lowyat seeking for smaller laptop that i could use for my car. Been looking around for some and i saw compaq armada, some old toshiba, none that as small as what i wanted. The one im seeking for is small and portable usese less power and be able to run windows xp at minimal. So went to se asif but he does not have one, he did mention that he might be able to get a cruesoe vaio picturebook (which ive been looking for all these years). So i went instead to Vital. As i approach Daniel asking him for a small weight laptop he said he dont have any instock untill he point at me to this one Picturebook VAIO which he jokingly said to sell. It was a customer's laptop. I asked the boss weather the guy is selling it or not and he quoted me RM1500.

I was like WTF !!! The laptop ive been searching for all my life has finally emerges it self in Vital. I immidately put a deposit on it and went to the bank for the cash. Yeayyyy the dream laptop i always wanted. It was so overwhelming that Menon also got excited as we walked out of the shop. Met Venn after that had a little chat with her. Got back and started to godek godek reinstalling stuff for it coz the laptop was pretty slow its running a Transmeta Crusoe Chip at 600Mhz with 128MB ram (imagine it running XP) its currently and originally running WinME. Se menon stayed over that day and he godek2 the laptop but unable to install any OS. I had to bring that thing to the office to install. Hopefully everything will be fine coz right now i have no idea how im gonna install XP in that computer coz i have no Floppy or CDROM. :P