Shitty nite out ...

2006-01-11 16:14:51
It was 2 days ago where i had a shitty night out to a so called "Real Pakistani Food" where we were stared and gazed by the pakistani terorist lookalike coz we're wearing jeans and shirt saying Jesus Christ. Hell yeah we should have gone to hartamas and had better food there since all of us was practically starving and fasting instead of having nans that we could easily get in bestari hartamas. Yeah i know its something new so it was so so lah ... no chicks, no girls, just few AK47 nailed on the walls.

Well that hadnt come to the worst part yet when it was 10-freakin-pee-am they've decided to head home. WTF ? All those sacrifise for leaving ragnarok while i was happily levling with Xenon and Noob Priest was for a 2 slice of nan with questionable kuali used for the chiken .. cheken hang !

Shouldnt have gone out, period dot .