BBM3 at Wizards Cafe

2007-02-04 15:46:44
11:00am showered and i was on my way to lowyat plaza to meet up with Afiq for his crappy Viewsonic widescreen LCD. As i reached lowyat parking bay, man .. i had to parked at b4. So went to see some Vista hype at the centre court lowyat there were many vista vista vista all over. Happy birthday Vista then ;)

So i went up to sg wang 6th floor which was kinda mysterious because i never knew there was a 6th floor in sg wang. And hell, the place was like in Hongkong / Japan shopping mall hahahahha or so i called Lala Land. Muhahahah ...

So didnt know where Wizard's cafe was so asked a random hot chick where it is (Sabrina) and so i found the cafe. Didn't sure which were bloggers and which were not so luckily saw Pop's face and i tot id join the only familiar face there. Was chatting with cherrie in the morning on msn tot she did not want to come but suprise suprise, the day just got brighter as the sun shine when i saw cherrie there. Hahahhaa .. Finally seeing them in a real 3D world enviroment, Pop, Ra-Mes (bukan Rames), Jenn, Cherrie, and the rest of the bloggers whom i normally see on pop's site. And hence my day experience with behind the scene with them :

I mean look, as the dishes arrives:

So this is how the pretty yummy photos went on the site. Heheheh so fun lah! Now i wish i had my old digital camera and revert back to photography. What happend to me man? Now i only took picture with my lousy 0.3mp Treo Camera.

It was fun, i get to met a lot of new people, new bloggers, new futurist, and id share a lot of infos and made a lot of contacts, i even met up with Cheryl whom i met last time at EMO booth during the Davinci code move primere. Haha what a small world. Josh, whom i knew from Xin Yu was there and we'd hooked up on a lot of interesting coherent topics. And the rest of the fellow bloggers whom i cant remember but hopefully break the ice on the next BMM.

All and all it was a fun session. It was 4 hours of chit chatting. Air liur kering wei .... Group shot :