Has the Internet 100% healed?

2007-01-28 22:12:04
1. With regards to overall capacity restoration, TM is on track to recover approximately 80 per cent bandwidth capacity for Internet traffic to US by January 12, 2007 and full restoration is expected by 20 Jan 2007. This will be good news for its affected Internet customers, which include other local ISPs who are also dependent on TM for their back haul connections.

2. Due to the bad weather conditions in that area hampering restoration works, we expect the full recovery of our bandwidth capacity for Internet traffic by January 23rd, 2007.

There's still no official word of news from TMNET press release http://www.tm.net.my/tmnet2006/contents/corporate/newsroom.cfm?CFID=270480&CFTOKEN=58143721 so im assuming that it hasn't fully restored yet. I went to a CC today and also find that most international link are still slow. Heck, i can't even get on CNET.COM now.. haha. Oh well .. lets just pray.