Dreading this weekend

2006-01-15 02:49:48
I was dreading this weekend because i had to go to Seremban on my own taking the KTM Komuter for my cousin's wedding. Fortunately the day that i was supposed to take the train i ended up woking up during the kompang session.. So why bother take the train when the wedding is almost over. Sorry Kak Long, hope u have a wonderfull night with your newly weds. So i was home alone for the weekend.

Nothing much have been going on the office and the EON bank has still not approve my car loan yet. The thing about EON bank is they didnt ask for all the documents at once, they will ask it bit by bit one by one. I couldnt figure out what kind of other documents do they need right now coz i already gave them all. Hope some good news this monday or tuesday.