Oh my dear sober friend...

2007-03-31 19:54:53
Please help my sober friend here. So i was minding my own busines yesterday on the net untill some crazy friend of mine (whos drunk) msged me on msn. I mean really really drunk... i mean look :

So the first picture story goes. Something about being sober, and everything i type was funny. Haahahah i cant remember how many lols i got'n from him. Its like letters and words are funny to him.

As for the second picture, just got back from toilet (so he says) look how happpy baby he is. What a cheerfull boy. And next the alien picture of his. (U should see his gold fish picture in my moblogs)

Then came the mexican tahiti or whatever u call it (hawaii?) hat of his. And then the story goes.. the sober story ... the story that dwells him down. Down rock bottom down. As far as it reaches the pits of Sparta's anomaly hole in the middle of the city. He was devostated. Dwelling on his misery ... my poor dear friend .. cry on my shoulder as its still dry ... !! May things worked out again ;)