Quoting Jeg's Blog - Nobody's Perfect

2006-09-10 06:26:49
"Taknak deh aku subahat rasuah. I know SHuen wont agree with me tp I chose to take the saman rather than kena jawab ngn Tuhan besok. Eh, wait a minute, diorg takut ke pada Tuhan actually? Nama je Melayu kot. Anak2 makan duit haram hasil rasuah ko. (sama la some org kastam). Pastu anak2 besar jadik Mat Pit, hasil duit rashuah.

Honestly, it's a bitter pill to swallow bila tgk bangsa aku corrupt. Harap kawan2 aku besar besok jgn corrupt dah. Kalo aku corrupt besar nanti, ingtkan aku pada blog ini."

So .. ok lah anti corruption semua and all its good. But you people have to remember? Buying VCD haram pon is part of the Malaysian culture and i see everyones doing it including you JEg (since you quoted me). But have u ever thought of beli benda haram ni pon kena jawab ngan tuhan nanti?

There are a lot of things that we do that we don't realize that it is wrong. Downloading MP3, stealing intelectual property, downloading PORN ! (yeah i know i do it too) but since everyone's doing it, does it make it right for you to do it? Its not .. think about it.. how come u can tell me off about some things i do which is wrong but the things you do TOO are wrong too but since everbody's doing it u wont admit is wrong? (again im speaking in general not specified to anyone in particular).

How can someone say to me that by buying and Coca Cola and Colgate that im supporting the US Country and its disgracefull? WTF? You're using Microsoft Windows which is a US based product as well but why aren't u being disgracefull yourself? These are the kinds of people that really pisses me off sometimes. This is why i never told anyone off about the things they do... Because i know my self that im not perfect and i do wrong things that i realize of and i dont have the rights to tell people off.. Only and only if someone who is as naive and trully pure and religiously non hipocritic would have my respect if he/she has advice for me.

Enough said.. i dont even realize what im typing above but i hope you get what i mean. Anyway .. no offence Jeg for me quoting u hahahah jgn ingat aku nak target ko plak. Im just speaking my thoughts. And this statement is my honest opinion. Everyone has their own mind to speak of .. :)