Hah ! Now i know why i Oqo 01 seems more yummy !

2007-01-14 19:40:51
I've been dreading for so long weather i should buy and OQO 01+ or not. But i wanted to wait till they annouced the OQO 02 and see what are the new features of the 02 that is worth buying over 01+. On the miraculous CES 2007 day, OQO annouced its 02 version. Fully equipt with the latest technology, nice sleek black color, active light keyboard, brighter screen, scroller, better keyboard, HDMI out, and a fucking EVDO connectivity .. yes thats right.. EVDO which can't be used in Malaysia. (i think) cause its CDMA band.

So i wondered ... emmm why the hell does this OQO 02 seems not as yummy as the OQO 01+ ?? So i did a size comparison and you what ? OQO 01+ is much smaller hence why it looks so yummy. So should i get the 02 ? Prolly no, same resolution and 01+ is much much smaller. Hey .. size does matters...