And now this shit from Maybank !

2006-01-05 22:41:02
Well apparently rumours had it that Maybank2u is gonna charge RM0.50 for every transaction executed electronically on the web. This will include 3rd party account transfer, and im not sure about own account transfer and bill payment. Well this really gonna sux then. Now i would forseen that a portion of the people would probably consider BCB now for a change for MOP online.

Some of the people are starting a petition already to cripple this splinter. I wouldn't say that its totaly absurd, they might have their reasons for this.. but if consumer had to pay for maybank's grediness, then it wouldnt be fair and someone has to voice out and fight for consumer's right.. (chey awat poyo sangat ayat aku bebaru ni biler bitch pasal bank) ahahhahah ^_^