Suzie Service / NCB / V-KOOL

2006-02-10 19:31:57
So its finally 1000kmph when it was time to have my suzie serviced. Went there in the morning as dennis was also going to be there for his new job in Mofaz. Ariived around the same time as he did.. It was like being in a SWIFT land there .. all swift parked everywhere .. hahahahha it was nice to see that there are some grey one still available.. how come ada orang kata sudah tara .. tipu la all this dealer .. anyway went to have my service and dennis brought me to bfast. Talk and talk then went back for suzie .. done and ready .. paid around RM172 something for labour and parts. Went to the office straight away .. then later in the afternoon went to have my NCB transfered to my new car. Went to MINDEFF for some trouble shooting and finally after that i went to Ampang point to see Jessie (the hot girl said dennis) for my V-KOOL tint for Suzie.

It's recomended by Dennis so i went.. 3 hour job for the V-KOOL so i walked around ampang point. it was 1:30 hours when the girl called me saying its done .. wow cepatnye ... went to see suzie wahhhh blackkkk tinttt ;) niceeee.. but the guys over there broke my compass .. fuck them .. so i didnt have cash so i issued a personal cheque.. suprisingly they took the cheque and let me go with the swift.. if only it was a fake cheque .. i would have got a way with a very very expensive V-KOOL. Anyway suzie is now cold and sexy left her berjemur for 2 days before i can open the power window.. now had to open door for touch n go ;) hahahah but she really looks nice now at night .. oh .. and i tintend the front screen with v-kool super 40 as well .. heheheheh.. kena polis jpj nanti habis dier koyak .. i hope to pray that they wont .. ^_^