Fox confirms X-MEN 4

2006-05-30 13:09:17
Despite the stupid title "X-Men: The Last Stand", Fox Head Tom Rothman has confirmed that there will indeed be an X-Men 4, and probably more after that as well. Now it's all well and good for him to say that now... but if X-Men 3 is a bomb (which we all know it won't be... even if it sucks) then those words will be quickly eaten.

So why the title "The Last Stand" then? Well, according to the good folks over at Movie Hole, Rothman offers the following explanation:

“It's the conclusion of this trilogy. These three movies work as a trilogy. These characters in this relationship, it's the culmination of that saga. It's the culmination and the resolution of those relationships laid out in the first two movies. That doesn't mean never, I would ever say never again, but I will say that this brings that saga to an end. It's quite the way the last Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, brought that trilogy to a conclusion in terms of those characters, that's what this movie does. It goes all the way back to the first one and rounds off and completes that three-part story”.