Suzies FC Abruptly High like SHIT !

2006-03-10 12:43:36
Well since i got my car ive been very happy with its performance, etc. well u know. Mileage of the car was also great before < 1000km (my first service)

A Full tank VPOWER gives me = 470km~ drive
A Full tank Sylkron (hijau) gives me = 430km~ drive

So since the 2 full tank my mileage almost reaching 1000km already. So my first 1000km i went to service at MOFAZ Sg Penchala. This 1000km service is recomended by a fren (Dennis) so i just follow la.. hes a good buddy of mine if anybody knowsh im lah

Anyway since the service i noticed everytime full tank i get :

A Full tank VPOWER gives me = 370km~ drive
- At first i tought coz i went jalan jauh to kuala selangor to see fire flies so i tekan minyak banyak there so no hal la it didnt bother me much.

But soon i tend to notice after fueling full tank again.
A Full tank VPOWER gives me = 354km~ drive
- At this point i became more worried of whats going on. Ive been doing normal driving never tekan full pedal. Speed never lebeh 120kmph. Always tukar gear to neutral when traffic light or crawling jam. But still kenot reach 400.

I was shocked of why this happends since the service as my full tank distance consumption now has always been < 400km .. i went to mofaz and ask and i remembered to see some of the people in this forum being having the same problem as well. MOFAZ said that it might be the ecu sensors etc. checked but everything was fine. And they also say might be spark plug etc.

Right now im not sure whats going on coz i dont really know about cars that much. But i do notice that im loosing 100km now for every full tank i isi. Im quite dissaponted now and i was wondering if someone could ease me up with some explanation. MOFAZ made me appointment to disasamble the stuff and check one by one. So i hope i can get some tips from you guys before i go for the appointment.

Heres an update on my situation :

I went to Mofaz sg penchala the other day Saturday morning i went very early to shcedule an appointment. I live in cheras and i woke up morning just because i want my suzie to be fixed. But sadly due to my lack of knowledge they cannot do anything on saturday only those simple service only ..

So This guy from mofaz (dowan to mention name i already got him in enuff trouble already, sorry bro *sweat*) said he wants to schedule me for appointment on monday. But monday i got meeting so kenot so tuesday lah i told him ... he had 2 days to schedule me.

On monday i took leave from my office for tuesday. (for my suzie's sake). i called to confirm the appointment on monday and he said yeah confirmed tuesday. So later after that he called and said "I GOT BAD NEWS"

SMA canot come on tuesday last minute decision coz full scheduled (wtf?) so he said he will call back and i waited no call back also ... so tuesday no appointment lah .. then that tuesday evening i went to MOFAZ and meet up the guy personally to scheduled me .. just to show them that i really insist on getting my appointment to be checked with the SMA people i show my face there. When i came that tuesday ha ... still no call back till today ..

untill today i make a fuss on Suzuki Malaysia and now somehow i got a call back .. now he said for me to come NOW (im in office la kawan) so i ask for him to scheduled me before this week with SMA. Coz from what ive been told from Suzuki Malaysia Representative there if they requested an appointment definately SMA will come .. no cancel cancel wan ..

So now only the guy called me and ask for my service booklet to be faxed etc. (apparently i got him into trouble as of i am typing now the people in mofaz are talking about my case coz i sent complaint to suzuki malaysia there about why my appointment couldnt be scheduled) i didnt mean to get him in trouble ar i just want my car fixed and ask a few fren on who should i contact to get an appointment. So i just call and tell la my situtation ..

So now i faxed everything already confirmed received already but dunno la whats the status .. today my fuel tank turun very cepat wan .. 90km only .. haihhh ~~ sorry i bising here but i got no where else to bising .. im already doing something also plus bising here .. not that im not doing anything ...

Update 2 Situation :

So i went to Sitrawani Service this morning .. waited for the guy but never came. So he sent 2 of the SMA people to rectify my problem. Talked to them and know what they say ?

"why u service at 1000km ??? book says 10,000km"

Apparently not recomended at all to service at 1000km and MOFAZ should have stopped me when i went in the service. They say prolly MOFAZ just want my money and went ahead to service.. (prolly bad mouth i dunno) but then i say but change oil and filter only why effect performance meh?

"because the oil came with swift is japan mali punya.. already tune for 10,000km"

ayo after hearing that i regret going to service at 1000km loh. maybe correct also la the oil from japan amybe bit different la coz new engine prolly got some special mix wat coz car import all from there sebiji sebiji. Ayo trully regret la servicing at 1000km..

Anyway after checking my engine with their TECH2 they tune something call 'fuel inject timing' (i forgot what it is) but the value at that moment was 2.95 miliseconds. So they changed it to 2.3 or something i ask them what does that do .. they say hard to explain bla bla .. i oso donno now but they say just test now .. and then give feedback to Razali. Ok loh .. so it was 12pm and my car was done already .. aiyoh .. only took 2 hours ar ? hahaha the mofaz ppl told me its gonna take whole day .. d**n lah i shouldnt have taken my leave today.. wasted annual leave.

Anyway i went to shell so i get the same mixture of petrol coz i isi shell before that and pump in full tank. So now i reset my A-Meter and try loh .. petrol still not finish but i dunno la .. feels like same only but maybe get better FC.. we will see ... will keep u guys posted ..

If u read this thread correctly ar.. all that service at 1000km ~~ 1200km are having this problem. Those dont service at 1000km dont seem to have this problem meh ? Hahaha ... regret regret !!! Tot service 1000km to manja my suzie la turns out spent more money out of my pocket lah.. bager ...