Maxis Broadband Performance - Me Very Satisfied

2007-02-21 10:29:52
So after 5-6 calls and i freaking lost my voice i finally manage to get the maxis people to deliver me my modem. 16th floor on my apartment heck i thought id never get good connection. Not to my suprise, it says its GPRS connection during the 1st test. But after a period of time leaving the modem on. I realize i was connected at HSDPA speed, and guess what. Its frekin fast.. faster than streamyx or any other provider u can find.

Ive taken this to Dataran Prima as well and test it there, also got HSDPA. I even took to NZ mamak at wangsa maju. Still, i got HSDPA, i even took to Mcdonalds The Curve, HSDPA.. wow .. almost all the place i went has HSDPA speed. Heck, i even waited for my friend to finish his movie outside the curve whilst i was HSDPA-ing outside the parking lot hahahahahha ! And the speed is freakin fast :

Need i say more ? Subscribe to maxis broadband 30 days free trial ^_^ i wonder if anyone can let me have Maxis Wimax Trial thingy. Please give me a call ya anyone who has access to Maxis Wimax Trial. email me arsyan[at]arsyan[dot]com if you have. Thanks.