Kuala Selangor Kelip Kelip Lip Lap Lip Lap

2006-02-22 13:51:50
It was Saturday last week the 10 of us went to kuala selangor. It was planned long time ago by An, we finally decided to go last Saturday. The rendezvous point was at TTDI Makbul 3pm. Met up with all of them there had to pickup a few friends at their house around TTDI. Had my first GPS experience during the trip there so was all excited at first. Met a few new people, Ben and Iman (though ive seen Ben before from KMYS) and the girls An's girlfriend's friends. So we bertolak from the rendezvous point at 4pm and it was quite a long trip. My GPS said 462KM hahahaha i dont know which route it was taking but it ended up 60km only. As we arrived we had our prayer and went for sightseing around the place. We had to wait till nightfall to see the fire flies around. As night falls, we went to the place and rented one boat for the fire flies tour, RM10 per person and all 10 of us got onto 1 boat. It was very calm and quiet as we see the fireflies lighten up on the trees like chirsmas trees. I also pin pointed my location on the river to get the lat and long coordinates to see later in GE (Google Earth) where i was .. heheheh it was a very nice view that night.

After we had our share of fire-flies experience, we went to Jeram to have our dinner. Jeram has the largest seafood apparently as we did not know where it was till my GPS came to the rescue hahahahha.. GPS is quite usefull for road trips like that hahahah.. im turning into a GPS freak now. AHhahahahah.. never tot id get into GPS. At jeram we had dinner and share play of cards and ice breaking sessions. It was a very fun evening to get to know those wonderfull people. (cheyy bodek). Anywayy we went back around 12++ the trip back was quite fast. Dropped of a few friends and went back around 1:30am. Thanks to the project manager (An) for this successful trip. We should do something like this again. Hopefully by that time i have someone (girl) to come along with me hahahha ^_^