Murni II

2006-02-22 13:57:50
So like i said before, Murni ss2 has degraded its food quality (probably because of the MPPJ raids frequently happening there) and we had to shift place to eat. Hisham and Acap found a new place which is similar to Murni Ss2 but it has no name. The owner has the physical similarities and friendliness of the old murni so we call this new place Murni II hahahhaha. I tell u arrr.. this place has the best food for now. The food is so delicous and they have Mango Special as well with the same price RM5 but on a larger mug. Oh i tell u ar ... their mango is wayyy better than murni. U think Murni is good .. wait till u try Murni II. Recently we even had Peach Special and the taste is almost the same as Lipton Peach Nestea. Ohh sedapnyer.... Their menu are quite special, they have weird names just like Murni I like Triple Age, Baked Pasta, Mee So Fee, and i dont knwo what other shit they have. So far bihun goreng aje tak sedap. The weird menu seems to be delicious. I had Baked Pasta and Mee Bandung so far. All superb. If you guys want to go there i highly recomend u go at jalan 26/9 infront of some Car Service Centre. But i hope theres not of people now as its so peacefull and quiet now. Even that haritu kitorang gi kena raid ngan mppj plak ... haihh ~~ it seems all the good place being raid right now then the food degrades.. its sad .. but wattodo .. its MPPJ's job what .. anyway HIGHLY RECOMENDED Murni II. Coordinates for the location in case someone dont know where 26/9 is :

3° 7'2.15"N, 101°36'14.42"E

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