Lowyat Outing

2006-02-10 19:26:17
Its been long since we've been to lowyat the 3 of us me mir and khalil. So that day somehow the 3 of us decided to go to lowyat. We all had our reasons of going. I wanted to get stuff for suzie .. khalil wanted some acyrilc.. mir wanted to get his wifi for his XDA. So we shopped around and i ended up with FM Modulator with remote control for Suzie and SD Card reader so that the FM modulator could read mp3's from my SD card .. its so cool the sound is crystal clear when theres no interference.

When there's someone else with the same device beside my car it will go beserk.. the only reason i dont like it because it has preset frequency .. whats wrong with having custom frequency set like the itrip .. man ... also the other not so good thing about it that it cant playback where u stop .. so u have to rewind the song or podcast from the begnning to hear it .. also theres no way to forward the music or podcast .. all and all .. just somethign to fill in the empty cigarrate plug. And the fact that my Suzie can accept SD cards for mp3s ;) thast cool ...