Got my Car !!!

2006-01-27 17:59:42
Horray !!! It was 24th Januarry 2006 when it was the time for me to pick up the car at Selayang. After the loan approved its LOU came. Dennis and Espee settled my stuff quickly once i've paid the downpayment and stuff. Dennis picked me up at KLCC as we head towards Selayang for the car. I got out of work early today as my boss says ok already i excuse my self at 3:30pm head to KLCC to meet up Dennis.

As we arrived i can see my Suzie in grey color shiny and washed with no plate yet. Dennis had to took off early so he was sorry that he wasnt there to share the momment of my newly wed Suzie. So i had to wait for the plate and roadtax to come. Waiting around 30 minutes then finnaly it came. Yeayy .. signed some documents for insurans and stuff. Espee gave me the keys and went for the car checkup, lights, taillights, signal, wiper, radio, aircond etc. and we also removed some air from the tyres to make it much smoother. So there i was ... off leaving the dealership place on my way home with my Suzie. It was so smooth that i tot i'd be nervous driving it for the first time but as a matter of fact, to be honest it was just like any other drive. Took the wrong route to KL instead of straight to BTS and it was partially raining half way. So Suzie kena rain for the first time that day.

When i got home showed my adik adik my little new Suzie and took them for a spin ot McDonalds & Tusyen (haha) that night Menon came and we are going to Murni celebrating the first Destination of the Suzie. Went to pickup jeghui but arep wasnt picking up the phone and acap was not replying his sms so .. only 3 of us. I still have the plastic on the seats as well at that time.

Suprisingly when we're at Murni we met Kak Sharita and Kak Ira (Which i forgotten her name). Shocking that Sharia now works with Kompakar as she's doing programming JAVA and shit with them. Wow, a girl with those kind of skills .. rarely found. So we had dinner together and because of the 2 extra girls we had to limit our conversation to strictly girls border. Hahahhah .. so when we head home we stop infront of jeghui's house and talk about the other side of the borders. So that was Suzie's first day in action... something to remember by ^_^

Oh Suzie ku sayang ~~~