GPS DIY (Do it Yourself)

2006-02-22 13:44:10
So suddenly i got interested in this GPS stuff. Immidiately after inquiry about the GPS Receiver i went straight to order and have it delivered the next day. It was my first expeirence with a GPS receiver and i dont know shit what to do with it. So yeah afer charging it and turning it on it was blinking and not connected with the sattlite. Im thinkin that im getting a faulty unit. Soon i called the guy and he said its because im indoors (never knew that gps doesnt work indoors but it made sense). So i tried a few softwares on my palm to connect with the GPS and some software for the Palm OS are quite usefull like showing u where the north is and your speed and latitud and logitud (so u can pinpoint your location on google earth). But after all that i still hadnt got any signal. Even when i took my suzie around with it. No signal. Also downloaded softwares for the pc and linked with it so all i have to do now is to wait for the signal.

So i figured .. what the hell is wrong with the unit. Untill i took the unit outside my room window. (yes.. my room window has v-kool) and suddenly i got a signal. Laaa signal blocked by v-kool rupanya .. patut la dalam kereta pon takdek .. so then experiemtn with the software and quite cool. It shows u the route and stuff. So took it with suzie and had a test run.

The next morning i used it to go to work. It showed the right way but some route it showed just did not exist, but it will auto route to the next nearest route. Quite cool as it warns u earlier which lane u should take to turn left or right. It was exciting. Use it when i went to kuala selangor as well. Also showed it to menon, he was impressed but unfortunately as soon as we got the signal my laptop battery died. Hahahahha !. Will update more on my gps upgrades.