Noise Filter & Happy Birthday Karina

2006-02-28 15:03:28
It was a boring Saturday when i decide to eat out with menon (he was craving for sushiking) so i wanted to go to lowyat and sgwang anyway to get the noise filter for my VAIO. So we went and met up with mir and lil. Scouted around for nosise filter couldnt find any in lowyat while menon's repairing his pc and i was looking at portable notebooks around. After sushiking we went sg wang as we split up with lil and mir. I went to a hifi shop where they said those stuff are called 'Cheaters' and went up and down sg wang but couldnt find it. Untill i found another hifi shop which is the same branch anyway that has it. Bought a used one TDK for RM10. Tried it but it didnt really work .. hahahh anyway ..

I cancelled Karina's party invitation untill Syed called me and forced me to come. So i came since miss judy is there as well. As i arrived with menon miss judy was just about to leave so we didnt get to chat with her that much. It was fun seing syed as he grew bigger and bearer (semakin teddy bear). Chatted a lot with syed and met new faces like sharina (its been long since i met her). Elisha also was there. So Menon and I were the last ones to leave the scene. From not going we ended up being the last person there. It was a productive saturday i can say ...