LOTR Marathon

2006-01-27 17:47:50
It was a whopping 11 freakin-hours run from 4pm till 3am and i got work the next day. Fuh it finally came to sense of all the stuff going on LOTR. Selama ni dok watch it blindly aje without bothering who is Saruman or Sauron or which side is Gondor and Minaz Tirith shit or whatever shit name they have. So skang it kinda make sense la jugak sket. But what made it spoil and not worth the adventure is when at the end Gandalf came to the rescue for the hobbits pakai helang super dia .. kalau ada helang baik guna helang tu bawak frodo gi mount doom lava shit tu.. ni nak kena jalan kaki ... lanciau la gandalf.. Anyway it was a crazy movie marathon. Did matrix the other day, now LOTR.. next would be Terminator Trilogy ^_^ hehehhe. This coming CNY would be the good time for it.