Healty Lifestyle

2006-03-17 10:59:52
Hehehheh so a lot has been going on for this week. Well first of all, something different, for the whole week ive been going for the FREE TRIAL Gym at True Fitness Hartamas. Hisham's brought me as introducer since dier takdek geng nak gi sana so dier ajak ar. Hahahah it was nice. Very high class gym, after gym, towel provided to shower, soap, shampoo, free tea , coffee, locker, hair dryer and what ever else you need. And the girls there, perghhh ... talk about firm ass amois. Huge amoi titiess (i mean really huge). Puma girls .. aihhh the lenglui's there OMFG ! Anywayyy.. having full muscle pain right now setelah lama tak excercise but if this keep on going ill prolly loose lot of weight and gain more muscular body. I still havent got any gym shoes yet. Haihh ~~~ kuwar duit lagi. Hahahahha .. but for a good cause.. i hope its gonna be worth it. My 1 week trial is going to end next monday. So will decide weather to subsribe or not. Also got another free trial at Fitness First in KLCC .. Still wondering where to go.

On another story, Suzie's fuel consumption is still not seeing results. After changing the oil with Prexton Fully Syntetic oil, i find that it doesnt make any difference. I also checked the tyre pressure already and it was less than the recomended spec. Front 33kpsi back 30kpsi. When i cheked it was Front 30kpsi and back 29kpsi. Would this be the factor of the high FC of my Suzie ? I hope so. Already pumped it to the recomended specs. Now hoping to see results. After the project fuel im gonna switch back to VPOWER and see weather i get the old results or not. Good luck to me.