Wondering how my future gonna look like?

2006-04-04 10:09:26
Have u ever wonder how your future looks like (of course u have) it kept me thinking how i really want my future to be. What i really want is to be part of the development team of Malaysian Technological Department (whatever that is). I would like to lead a huge project in making the world simpler. But the thing is right now .. i dont know where to start, i dont have the contacts, i dont even know what to do, (well i do actually but i just dont know where to start).

And lately ive been also thinking about my future family, hows it going to be, who will i be marrying with ? Japanese ? Chinese ? Malay ? And what accomplishments do i want to accomplish before i leave this world. Theres a lot of stuff going on in my mind right now. I have though accomplished some goal of mine that ive set at this point of my life, but some goals are just really frustrated to acheive and it really tires me up these days.

I think at some point of my life, when im living out of my comfort zone, i want to be able to live in Japan for a while and understand their culture and live their kind of lifestyle. When i come to think about it, when the hell would i have the time for this ? Though i really want to make this goal achievable before i reach 30. (Still have another 7 years to work on it.. u think ill make it ?) lol.

I think ive made my life so far so good sort to say, there are ups and downs in life but most of it are just the way of life ..

I am actually tired of doing stuff what i dont beleive in and forced to do just because someone says its right. Its stupid. I want to do what i beleive in doing and i want to have control. I wonder when will the day come when ive done something big to the society. I guess i just have to wait and see whats coming up for me in the future, its a loooonggg way to go if god let me live as long.

Its funny ... my mind suddenly cleared up after i typed this blog. Somehow everything seems to be a little bit clearer for me. Well guess thats the power of blog ! ^_^ hahahhaha ...Till my next blog. Cya !