Things you need to know about HDDVD and BLURAY nowadays.

2007-01-30 09:02:51
As you already of may have not known, the future digital content perhaps the most exciting change in digital content is the arrival of High Definition (HD) video. And NO, Its not the HD on smallville.612.hdtv-lol.avi that u normally watch. HDTV is a 1920x1080 pixel resolution that reveals a quality never seen before in such fine detail. You'll never change back to DVD once you on HD.

Hence came the emmerge of 2 HD medium which is the HDDVD 30GB and Bluray Disc(BD) 50GB. However, for future non piracy of these type of medium, a so called DRM (Digital Rights Management) has been implemented in both of this disc. Both disc are protected with a scheme called AACS (Advance Access Content System). This is similar to the past cracked CSS Scheme on DVD.

However, history again has been written on December 26 2006 when a guy named "muslix64" has manage to get around the AACS protection on HDDVD. Later not long after, he manage to get around BD as well. What he did was he manage to bypass the AACS protection and dump the content of the HDDVD and BD on to his harddrive. Which means that HDDVD and BD are now spreadable on the internet.

Not long after the first HDDVD Torrent Movie, Serenity, has been released to be downloaded. And if i've not mistaken, BD torrents are out there as well. What does all this means now ? What possible future will we see now.

1. HDDVD & BD Movies are grab for torrent downloads (Though its big)
2. BD PS3 Games would be ISO-ed and mounted on PS3 to be played (The Loader is being done by Paradox)
3. BD+ would finally take its place (though i bet it will be cracked anyway)
4. We wont see any HDDVD or BD lying around shops selling for cheap. No no no .. not just yet.

So as of this point on, exciting stuff is about to happend around the next generation content. It would be exciting to see how movie and gaming industry are fighting this. Since future digital media are so contaminated with DRM, i would see a lot of frustrated pirated consumers among us Malaysians who in the first place, dont even know what DRM is. Heck, digital media are not as easily available as it was people.. learn to grow up and buy original.

When asked about muslix64 why he did it?

The mainstream media tends to have many labels for you, i.e. hacker, cracker, pirate, etc., in response to your efforts. What would you call yourself and what would you label your efforts?

I'm just an upset customer. My efforts can be called "fair use enforcement"!

Hahahha funny guy ...