Airtime Share SCAM !

2006-06-09 10:35:39
In the morning a colleague of mine merungut to me saying that he was scammed on SMS and i asked "how ?" so he showed me the messages that he had saved to make a report to celcom. I didnt understand how he was scammed at first untill he showed me all the messages and the system messages as well. It goes like this :


So meaning to say that my friend had transsfered RM9 to the scammers Airtime and the limit for transferring without registering is RM10 so hence the figure RM9 (coz i was wondering why he didnt ask to transfer more)

Brilliant .. ! Kudos to the scammer ! LOL ^_^ .. though it is bad to scam, im still impressed with the tactics and techniques our Malaysian Scammers could come up. So guys .. be carefull ok ? Nothing comes easily ;)