Murni with the Nots UK

2006-02-10 19:31:08
Another boring night where menon couldnt make it because his brother apparently, borrowed the motorbike to school. So i was bored at home waiting and calling people to hangout at murni when suddenly dear Ali called.. hes with shahreen and nizam are going to have some food at some crappy placed when i persuaded them to go to murni. They were already 10 minutes away to murni and i havent even shit yet ... so i went for a shit and they are 5 minutes away. After my business is done i went straight out and head to murni. Ariived just in time when they received their drink (it was quite fast considering im from cheras).

So we had all chit chat that night till its time go head off ... i went to KL my father shell station and lepak there a while waiting to go .. hmm maybe zouk alone .. but when i came the zouk entrace was already closed .. bummer .. so i just went home with my dad instead ..