Things to read after watching The Social Network

2010-11-01 11:22:26
I managed to watch the movie "The Social Network" about how Facebook was founded back then when it was called TheFaceBook. How the site came about really touches me, because of my past experience my self developing social network sites such as Kawanster, it brings back memories to me, and i wished that back then, i was in the Silicon Valley area at and would have or might have made some difference in the community.

Oh well ... after watching the movie i would assure you would have the urge to Wiki some of the people and incident that you've seen in the movie. To makes things simpler, ive gathered some information and links for you to read to know the true reports of the movie "The Social Network. Check the links out.

The Story

Some Fun Links

Things to know & remember

In 2004, Parker began informally advising the creators of Facebook, and became its president receiving 7% of Facebook's stock when the company incorporated later that year. He was forced to leave Facebook after being arrested for cocaine possession

In 2008, the Winklevoss brothers and a business partner were offered a court settlement of $65 million (now about £40 million) by Facebook after a four-year legal battle.

Eduardo Saverin is one of the co-founders of Facebook, along with Mark Zuckerberg and others. He owns a 5% share of Facebook, worth $1.3 billion USD as of October 7, 2010.