XBOX360? Wii? PS3? in Malaysia

2007-01-28 10:15:28
I always wondered which console should be getting. Me Wong Menon decided that im gonna get the Wii, Wong's gonna get the XBOX and Menon is going to get the PS3. Hahahahah .. so hence my bottom line in getting the console is to see that how much more price i would pay compared to the US people or Japan. And hence here's my research results:

The Xbox 360 is the successor to Microsoft's Xbox video game console. (

JapanDecember 10, 2005¥39,795$329SG$506RM1153+0
United StatesNovember 22, 2005¥48,205$399SG$613RM1397+RM302
Singapore(dont know)¥51,879$429SG$660RM1504+RM351
Malaysia(no official date) ¥59,008$486SG$746RM1699+RM546

Note that though we are paying more price for the XBOX360. We are getting a modded version of XBOX360 + 20 free games, which means we are able to play pirated games, and on top of that i've already seen pirated games of XBOX360 selling in Gamers Hideout (Cineleisure) at RM20 per piece.

The Wii (pronounced as the pronoun "we") is the fifth video game console released by Nintendo. The console was previously known by its project code name of Revolution, and is the successor to the Nintendo GameCube. (

JapanDecember 2, 2006¥25,000$207SG$318RM720+0
United StatesNovember 19, 2006¥30,083$249SG$383RM872+RM147
Singapore(dont know)¥52,665$436SG$670RM1526+RM801
Malaysia(no official date) ¥68,970$571SG$877RM1999+RM1274

PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3 (Pureisutēshon Surī?), trademarked PLAYSTATION?3, commonly abbreviated PS3 is Sony Computer Entertainment's seventh-generation video game console, third in the PlayStation series. (

JapanNovember 11, 2006¥59,980$510SG$763RM1730+0
United StatesNovember 17, 2006¥72,368$599SG$920RM2097+RM359
Singapore(dont know) --SG$890--
Malaysia(no official date) ¥89,706$743SG$1141RM2600+RM870
(anomaly, how could PS3 be cheaper in Singapore ?)

So based on these analysis that i've made. Is it really worth buying PS3 in Malaysia ? Ud be paying RM870 more .. As for now i would say its best to buy an XBOX360 if ur in Malaysia and in need of a console. Ud be paying RM546 more then what the JP people are paying but hey ... u get a modded XBOX and 20 free games and there's pirated copies of games here so you can enjoy the experience. After i wrote this blog, i realize that paying RM1274 more for a Wii now is just not worth it. XBOX 360 guys ! Get yours at Gamers Hideout Cineleisure.