Cam whoring with Macbook

2007-07-26 19:34:32
Hahahha im so jakun never seen a macbook out of the box before. So finally today for the first time ive seen a new macbook Nuffnang bought us Timothy bought Firdauz freshly open from the box and startup from the begenning. Well as much as i like the estatic values of a Mac, i still prefer using a Windows machine because its much snappier than Mac could ever be. Though the usability and GUI and the interface of the mac is way better. I would love my self a Mac Book but Firdauz needs it more than i do. If i ought to use a Macbook also i would run Windows on it :P Hahhahahah ! Id prolly go for a Macbook if the Macbook size is smaller or same as my current laptop size. I hope Apple would make them soon. So checkout our cam whore session with the new Macbook :

And heres my own personal camwhore. I look like monkey man ("-_-) :