A summary of the recent past

2006-03-10 11:26:12
-Makan William the other day makan banyak gila i had 2 dishes and jerui tak habis baked pasta dia. Menon came later but i coudlnt stay anymore coz nak muntah perut kembung sangat. Menon keco nak bukak google earth aku dah nak muntah.

-Bought compass and tisue box then got jeghui kotak kasut and modify it to be my tissue box to conver my vaio in car.

-Went full tank again in my suzie mileage was like shit. Did not went to rectify yet. Had murni that night William makan skalik ngan kita. Apparently William suka gila orang melayu makan tempat dia. Was so funny that night.

-Bought gel rambut yang dah lama due apparently orang tu jual RM15 dulu pastu aku datang nak blei balik dier kata "lima belas .. eh eh .. tujuh belas" aku kata "WTF dah sebut 15 lagi mau tukar dulu pon u jual 17 .. " then dia kata "ok ok bos 15" fuck nak tipu pon like shit .. these chinese ar i tell u ar ...

-Didnt eat whole day still full from another 2 dish meal had some evening meal with hisham kesian gila dier penat then had megi indo mee goreng with my bro at home.

-Took leave today to service my suzie (will update on another thread) then went out with stacy and her fren. Wahhh 2 amoi serentakkk ... hehehehehe then had supper with menon at wangsa maju.

Thanks All Folks !!!