Reshmonu Free Concert

2007-02-01 21:07:34
Yeah i got nothing better to do.. So yesterday i was tricked by menon with his mischievous technique ...

(i wonder why i have trust and faith in him sometimes when all he does is trick and deceive me i guess when i try to learn to accept, the deceive happens again and again.) go to Reshmonu's free concert. So the story goes that Wong was supposed to pickup Menon and head to the concert at 8pm. So i was thinking that well, might as well just go with Wong in one car. So i suggested:

1. Asks menon to get ready
2. I would go and pick him up
3. We go have lunch (since we both havent eaten)
4. Come back to my aptment (since wanted to watch prison break)
5. Then by the time he finish prison break its already 8
6. Wong would come to melati and pick us all up to go there.

To my suprise, at 8:50pm menon called wong and say "Jom gerak" so we went down and ...


Im driving ? Wong's not coming ? Why menon??? Reason : He's already in genting klang so much nearer to OU .. and wong didnt intend to come to pick us up in the first place? WTF? When was the plan changed? i wasnt inform. And the only reason i was going to the concert that night is the thought of going with wong together to the place. Guess i was cheated ... and guess what .. we'd arrive like sooo much earlier than wong using the so called "near to ou" road in genting klang. I was kinda pissed i mean taking the Batu Caves road its just as smooth and faster than the inner road with traffic lights and multiple stops. I mean .. i've calculated the distance and its like:

21.7km versus 16.6km

but taking 21.7km theres no stops and no traffic lights + 1 tol i mean we would have arrive faster that way.. and if wong didnt intend to plan to pick us up .. why didnt we go there first anyway ??? why were we waiting for him ? (we: me menon afiq)

Well i guess its just another episode of "Deceived by Menon" ( to downlaod the movie get the torrent here:

Anyway ... its not that i mind driving there. But if you had plan the original plan, stick to it, and i hate being deceived. If anyone knows what i mean .. Till then.. i just got to blog this.. coz i am kinda simplictly pissed. Heres some picture from the concert:

Reshmonu ya'll !