A Productive Weekend

2006-02-13 11:24:55
It was a very productive weekend. Had no plans at all ended up with a full pack meeting up with new people and old friends. It all started of with a SMS from Aishah when i woke up 12pm (5 sms received). We were about to meet up at KLCC around 2pm when Aishah slept till 4pm during that period of time i was cleaning up my room and prep my self for outing. I was ready around 3pm still no reply from Aishah till acap called invited me for a movie. I had no choice but to assume Aishah cancelled on me .. i proceed on with One Utama TGV with acap, madpah, & megat. Halfway on my way to OU i called aishah and sms her again .. no reply no answer. Just when i about to reach OU she smsed and it was already too late.. so i had to cancel, bummer..

After the movie (fun with dick n jane) <-- what a crap movie, we all decided to go to hartamas. I smsed aishah to see weather shes still in KL and she was. So i decided to go up and meet her then to hartamas for a dinner snack. Found at her Berjaya Timesquare and swift my way thru KL although i did not know where the hell i was going in KL that time. Luckily we ended up in hartams without any sesat at all. (though after further checking with google map i did took the long way round).

Anyway after the faboulous programming and computer chat with Aishah (yess.. shes a freakin programmer girl) and not to say, her programming skills are wayyy better then mine.. though conceptually i might have a little bit of an edge compared to her. Nontheless shes awesome in programming from anyone ive met before. So she had to leave early 10pm so i dropped her of at KLCC.

Later An called, lepak again at hartamas with a few girls so i decided to join. Sorry didnt get to see acap arep jeghui and the gang at hartamas coz i doubt me and aishah could talk programming shit together on the table. So a funny story ....

Long long time ago i had this random frenster chick hunt, which was random viewing of girls on frenster messaging etc. all those shit and i found this one girl that intruigs me so i decided to message her and ADD HER AS FRIEND (tetiba buat muka tebal) i dont normally do this coz i only add people who i know in real life in friendster. But what the hell .. it was just some random thing i did that night. So my request for friend was pending for liek 3-4 weeks i guess. I cant really remember the exact time but it was pending for long and the funny thing is her last login was 24 hours ago. So i concluded well .. yeah .. i was a random someone so it wasnt apropriate for her as well to add as friend but despite of that she didnt reject it also hahaha.. so it was like the Train Main's Train Station (The Matrix).

Sooo .. back to the story where An invited me to hartamas. As i found their table and An introduced me to each and everyone of the girls. I immidately noticed the girl, Ariza, was the pending friend frenster chick. I was like WTF ! An was suprised i know the girl though i doubt she'd recognized me at first but as soon as i explained about a recent friendster message she remembered me.. hahaha .. it was embarrasing .. however sicne now we knew each other in real life and had a few chats and some fusball games, im guessing now its not as pathetic as it was before already .. ;) after i got back 3am from hartamas she already approved the friend request. hahaha .... what a super coincidence shit. Also found out they know a few people in some of my circle of friends so it wasnt that hard to get along.

Met alot more people that night, the annoying ika & dayang combo, pial's friend (apit apparently) sorry dude i dont remember your name (malu), bagak senior kys, hisham, adeline (old long skttdi fren) and a few other new friends of friends. So it was quite a productive saturday night for me. And one of my shocking coincidence moments i can now put in my Greatest Coincidence Hall of Fame. ;)