Calculating General Efficiency or whatever u call it ...

2006-01-27 18:11:10
So much for a new car, now my Suzie is filthy dirt already .. habuk penuh .. driving in KL can really dirty your car. Suzie and I went around KL a lot since i got her coz we're like exploring KL at night to scout around roads and shortcut so i dont sesat anymore in KL. She even got her first bird dropping at Murni the other day so i immidiately remove it as it is acidic and corrosive they say. Now it feels horrible when you drive and stone flies here and there hitting my little Suzie .. :`( oh kesiannnnn ... and the drivers in KL .. perghhh .. like shittttt ! Although jam is normal but it isnt that bad. I would say its much more convinent and save wise cost effective to take a car rather than i took lrt. Because lets calculate eh :

Jalan to LRT STAR from House = Peluh like shit
LRT STAR go to masjid jamek = RM1.70
Jalan to PUTRA Lrt = Peluh
Putra LRT MJ to Dangwangi = RM1.60
Jalan to Office from Putra = Peluh

Jalan to Office from Putra = Soso tak peluh
Cramping in putra Dangwangi to MJ = Packed and waste time to wait a few train pass by + RM1.60
Masjid Jamek to BTS STAR = RM1.70
Walking to home from BTS STAR = Peluh like shit hell mell

So total cost RM would be around = RM6.60 + Busuk Badan Peluh
and i think that is more than enough coverage for petrol from KL to BTS.
Parking at office only RM2.50 so i think its much more General Efficient to drive to Office.

What do you think? Does my calculation seems resonable ?
Or should i just take LRT to office and only fuck Suzie when i need her ?

Voice your opinion please.