Its your shit .. why am i getting the heat?

2006-03-29 14:44:49
Haihh ~~~ it has been a hectic week. Everyday after work to the gym working out. Change my diet plan as well. Apparently i changed it wrongly. I now eat breakfast but skip lunch and eat dinner. WRONG ! Im supposed to eat breakfast, heavy lunch, then dont have dinner. So today i had heavy lunch then after this straight to the gym to burn all that calory. I feel that i have lost some weight at my tummy already. Hahhahahha..

Shit also happened in the office, was getting the heat for something that i was kept in the dark and being not transparent then assuming that i knew everything whats going on. No deadline was given and i never knew what the pheck they wanted me to do. This guy ask me to do this this lady wants me to do this i have to wait call for this and this as me to do this and things like "i dunno ask this guy about it" then i went to another person "i dont know too .. ask this guy" wtf .. get the facts straight la wei .. No big deal but to be in the shit that wasnt even my shit in the first place, thats fuctup.

Anywayyy ~~~ enuff shit thats bothering me, now im short of cash and those people who owe me money cant even pay me money.. and thinking of them borrowing me money in the first place and when repayment is requested ada hati nak kata "diskaun" what the ..diskaun ??? i should be the one putting interest to them .. please la whoever ows me money, pay up la dont ask for discount or what ever shit, its fucking annoying and it gets on my nerve now. When ur in need, i hulur for help.. but when im in need, u cant even find an effort to even pay me up ? This is not oriented to anyone in particular just a general feeling of mine right now as i blog.

Anywayyy ~~~ , FC in suzie still not solved yet.. Mr. Razali (from SMA) still hasnt got any respond from the Japanese people. Apparently not only i suffer bad FC for Suzie, some of the people are having more shitty FC compared to mine. 280km per full tank .. thats sux ! And for some that has gotten 600km ++ with just RM50 / 25litres of fuel.. thats to good to be true .. i wonder ..

All and all, the only good thing for me today was during lunch time. I had lunch with my colleague from the other department / company and we had such a good time with joy and laughter with no sense of stress nor awkwardity. It was such a Happy Hour. It was the 1st time since i started working that i felt such comfort and joy together having lunch .. hahahah its funny but that was the 1st time i had that kind of feeling.

Anyway enuff said ... getting back to reality. Snapping back to reality ! ^_^