iPhone 4 is not alone on reception issues.

2010-06-30 01:20:58
Apple haters and Android fanboys (or any other fanboys for that matter) has been ranting about the reception issues with the iPhone 4 with the way we hold it. Steve says in his emails is that all phones have a sensitive area where a certain part of your hand is covering the antenna causing attenuation which results in drop signals. iPhone 4 is not alone at this matter, take a look at these phones below which are having the same results:

Examples of cellphones other than iPhone 4 affected by holding it:

HTC Droid Incredible:

Nexus One:

Nokia E71:

Nokia 6230:

Nokia 6720:

Nahhh !!! In your face! :-P Haha. I may be living in denial because i ordered an iPhone 4 but oh well, this makes me feel a lot better :)