HAIL to EON Bank !

2006-01-27 17:14:01
After 6 month of pursuing a bank loan for the car. Waiting the fucking AMBANK for so long to reply untill it was submitted twice and rejected. I would now like to say


.. for approving my loan for my little Suzie. The funny thing is that the loan was like a funny percentage ammount 85.6% or something. Im suspecting that they know that im trying ot boost up the loan value by declaring to buy a Premium Swift whereas im only getting the Standard Swift. So the 90% from a standard swift was exactly the ammount of 85.6% out of the Premium Swift (figure it out your self what it means). All and all, my dealer Dennis, Espee, and i was relief that this long haul journey of pursuing the loan comes to an end. Its like the adventure of lord of the rings for destroying the ring and when u finally did it, a sigh of relief and a splinter-bit of sadness. Haill EON Bank ! Ucapkan selamat hari raya dari EON untuk semuaaa ~~~