Stevens Corner & Pool Ampang

2006-02-28 14:52:19
So the other nite we decided to go have some dinner at some new restaurant "we heard" that it has "great" food. Well it turns out it has shit food just like any other Syed Mamak stall.. its the first and the last time we're going there. Its prolly famous because of its location and it's catchy name and huge place to sit inside. But the food is really typical. So menon had to go back to send his bungkus home. So Afiq and I went to the pool corner there. Afiq was kicking everyone's asses that night prolly because its his crib so he has confidence in beating us. Menon and I sucked like shit that day. Chicks are a lot there as well mostly with their "Monkeys". Sleazy but nice pool centre there.. might go there to have a crazy pool game when in the mood.

On the way back we went to Sri Pemaisuri to have a drink before we go back, and i fucking shouldnt have mention about someone who lives in this area to Afiq ... now u can stick a fork in me .. im done ... went back and i slept immidately after. Work tomorow ~~~