Internet Explorer 7 - I finally experience it

2006-10-23 07:03:19
After a long drag for me to change to IE7 i finnaly found a way to install it without having my windows being validated. Hehehehhe ^_^ though it was troublesome to have it validated because apparently im a victim of "counterfeiting" softwares. You can get your download copy here from microsoft :

I'd make it simple on how to install it without validation. If u can't follow this instruction then ur not qualified to be using a bypassed validation IE7 hehehehe ^_-.

1. Extract your "IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe" you downloaded using Winrar.
2. Download these: AND
3. Replace : IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu\update\iecustom.dll
4. Run : IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu\update\update.exe (DO NOT RESTART)
5. Copy normaliz.dll to : c:\windows\system32\normaliz.dll
7. Run : IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu\update\xmllitesetup.exe

So whats new in IE7. So far the first thing i noticed with IE7 was the new features such as Tabbed browsing and opening and closing new tab using middle click, opening URL to new tab by ALT+ENTER all these neat keyboard shortcuts that i really love ! ^_^

IE7 by default is running Clear Type font (which i hate so much btw) and immidately it ask me weather i want a Clear Type font or not. I clicked not without hestitating. Though im quite frustrated with the default buttons on google and its search text bar is Clear Typed (must be from google coz buttons on my site seems to be fine)

IE7 is also particular about Phishing, which is good coz most ppl do not know how to identify phishing. Even me myself been baffled by phishing scams before. So they've taken steps to identify phishing in IE7. How? They have a community report URL link for phishings URL that will be identified and filtered by Microsoft (VERY GOOD FEATURE).Another thing i noticed is that IE7 coudlnt do popup window with no address bar. I noticed as when i pop up a non address bar window. Microsoft by default pops a small address bar on the top of the window to avoid phishing scams. This however is good to avoid phishing but bad for webdesigners as they have no more control on the window properties. Also it might be a security breach because since the URL can be seen. No biggie but look how PHISHING changed our browsing experiece ! FUCK YOU ALL PHISHERS SCAMMERS !

Another thing also i hate about IE7 is that its unablity to customize our ie menus on top like hiding address bar or simply shortens it to let Links, tabbed to be on the same row. It doesnt allow you to do that anymore. Address bar and tabbed bar are fixed and cant be moved or merged with addon bars. Which is quite sad coz i hate having 3 rows of bars on my ie ... URGHHH !!!! should let ppl customize it at least. Please microsoft please !

(see cant hide address bar to avoid PHISHING again.... damn u phishers)

(see address bar and links cannot be on the same row.. SUX !!!!)

Well all and all i think i need to get use with this ie7. It seems ok so far browsing seems fast and i seem to like the tabbed thingy now ! hahhaha but i find it hard to ALT+TAB between browsers since it cant do CTRL+TAB changing beteween 2 windows. It only cycles the tabs. Another main nice feature about ie7 that it has thumbnail of every tab you opened. Which makes it easier for u to find your pages ! All in all i would say !! YO FIREFOX USERS !! SWITCH BACK TO IE NOW !! ^_^