Wallstreet Bets - Jerung vs Ikan Bilis

2021-02-06 09:14:02
History in the making. For the first time ever we finally showed the hedge funds that we have the power too to fight.

The sad thing is, the playing field always been controlled and limited by the regulators. The momentum was up when everyone was able to buy some of em GME stocks. Robinhood how ever (and many more brokerage apps) have dampen the momentum.

We understand they might have to comply with some deposits for the clearing house or what not but damn,i wished they could have got that solved or on credit or something.

It would be sad ending to see if the retail investors loose out on this battle, but this not going to be the last event.

Watch out hedge funds! Dont underestimate the power of people.

On the plus side, i think this has definitely boost up decentralization and the advancement of defi. More and more people wants power to be brought back to the people and no longer decides by manipulators, politician and people in power.

We are the people, we are the power, thats how it should be.