How pathetic Windows Mobile IS and the people who uses them

2006-12-13 04:37:52
Here's some findings of mine of how pathetic windows mobile people can be. I was browsing around lelong for stuff u know (in case you stumble upon some unique gadget) and i saw the Treo 750v ads. A lot of ppl are bidding for it. Heres the URL for it :

And as i was reading how the auctioneer is promoting his Treo 750v (that runs windows mobile) and i would like say .. first of all .. its a Treo .. ok .. Treo.. T.R.E.O which originated by Handspring that was originally runs on Palm OS (dont brag about how good it is running the pathethic windows mobile plz) just so happend that Treo are so popular that Windows Mobile cant resist of having them in them (in treo). Anyway .. i stumble upon a pathetic statement.

GREATEST PDA smart Phone of all TIME !!!
For those who already know us who have wholesale many great value for money products since many years ago, we couldn't really take orders from SMS in the past due to its nature poor trace-ability. Guess what ! Since we started using Treo, we enable orders from SMS and our sales increase by 30% without doing much. The SMS Chat View (how we call it) is the best in the market. We have purchased many other software/sharewares for Symbian OS (Nokia/Sony etc) and Dopod, none of them can do this work as good as Treo. As we said earlier, if you are serious about enhancing your business, this is THE PHONE you get !!

Ok first of all :

2. Since we started using Treo - U just started to use treo ??? OMG HAHAHA !
3. The SMS Chat View (how we call it) - It's called "Threaded SMS" u MORON !!!
4. this is THE PHONE you get - Yeah i'm glad that you JUST realize it !

Oh my ... call me a racist or a tecnologist.. but i just hate seeing statement like this. Treo Noobies from a Windows Mobile person.. ARGHH !!!!!!