Missing Suet Li when Suet Li is missing :`(

2007-08-17 17:19:10
They always say ud never realize something that is gone until its gone right? Well here it is. After Suet Li left our Nuffnang KL office. The office has become more quieter and quieter. Less interaction and funny stuff to laugh about her kawaiiness attitude. No more M2M buddy to sing along with me, no more jokes, no more muka tebal from her admitting that shes hot when we actually ask about turning on the aircond "are u hot suet li?" suetli : "yes !!!"

Haih ~~

When the first i met Suet Li i can sense the cuteness attitude she has. I mean look at her, hiding under the sheets with her laptop when shes cold. So cute !! hahahha :

Aih ~~ now shes off to the states already soon. We're gonna miss u suetli.. :`( sob sob sob ~~ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ~~~~~~~~~~ !!!!