Friendster Exporter is Kinda Cool

2011-05-16 11:31:53
As friendster has announced they're gonna close down revamp to launch their new product, they're also gonna delete all friendster profile and photos on 31st of May 2011. Before it's too late ive decided to take a look at their Exporter app that they released to back up all your messages, photos, good old testimonials, and all ur friends list.

Add the app to your application and start exporting, (i've encountered some infinite fwding loop by friendster for some reason however logging off and deleting the app and reinstalling it again solves the problem). There are 2 options for you to back up all your photos.

1. Zip everything up and download (Which i prefer)
2. Export all ur photos to Flickr or Multiply (~Whatever)

Fortunately i didnt have a lot of photos on friendster, what matters to me is just the testimonials and messages and friendslist which i treasure. I use the zip up everything options, it took like 5 min to zip up everything on my account and it was just 2.6MB after compressed.

After extracting the zip file, i find that they have done a pretty awesome HTML static pages for all your photos friends, messages, and testimonials. Awesome.

Why i say awesome? This allows simple user with simple hosting to just upload the entire folder to a shared hosting or geocities alike free hosting to have your own friendster profile snapshot. It sort of create a memory of the legendary mother of social networking profile of yours with all ur testimonials photos and friends in-tact.

Here's mine:

All and all, it has been a good run, but we're all on Facebook now, and i would like to say Goodbye to Friendster and thanks for being there for us in the beginning of the internet era, and may your new Friendster 2.0 New Social Gaming site be a success!

Go backup yours now guys!